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Twitter ! If your on SSDI hit twitter 5/19 Nothing

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    I read AARP ,Here and all new mail ,they have nothing except you will get stimulus ! I would of much preferred truth to begin ! But hey should of known better after 22,000 lies ! I have read some horrid stories ,people selling their tires off their cars ,fuel tanks for their homes and appliances to try and save their properties and feed their children ! Do not pay nothing but vital needs for survival ! Food ,utilities and soap ! Nothing else matters ! With the stock market at 25k these people live in a completely different world then we do ! But the Senate managed to slip $135 billion for the top 43,000 people ,that are 50 times our stimulus ! As of 5 pm they updated and said do nothing ,your stimulus are on the way ! Found one person who recieved theirs yesterday in the mail ! Which usually means Mon and Fri deliveries ! They also admitted millions still on way