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stimulus checks what do you do if they are b

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    what do you do if the irs posts on website that my stimulus was deposited into my american express checking account the same one that my monthly checks from gov. are posted to anyway was sent on april 15th but american express says never was a record of receiving anything theres no at irs to talk go American express says call irs or go to website i need this money bad im getting ready to be evicted me and my son my husband died last year june 11th and its been hard anyway now this its too much what do i do
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    Did the IRS send you a letter in the mail confirming they sent your stimulus check? They said they will be doing that 15 days after the payment is processed. And on that letter there should be a phone number to call for any issues. It will be very hard to get someone on the phone from the IRS for some time now, but currently I believe that's your only recourse.

    As for the eviction, the Cares Act put a moratorium on evictions, at least until the end of July. But it depends on your situation.. do you rent or pay a mortgage, and what city and state do you live in? Might be able to at least provide some info and resources for you to avoid eviction while you figure out the stimulus payment situation.

    Its also likely when the next large stimulus bill passes they will include an extension on the eviction moratorium. But that is yet to be decided.