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Stimulus payment mistake

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    I filled out the non-filer report when I was not supposed to take it they didn't have my information I got an email from the IRS a couple hours later saying that my non-filer was rejected and they need my banking and routing number but I don't have either one how can I fix this and how will it affect my stimulus check. I'm on SSI and disability.
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    So best of my knowledge in this situation they will instead mail you a check. And that should be mailed out starting May 15th. Reaching that conclusion based on this article which cites SSA page directly:

    Stimulus payment timeline for all SSI recipients

    Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

    SSI recipients who get their benefits through direct deposit started seeing their stimulus payments on May 13.

    SSI recipients who get their benefits by check, or if they used the non-filers tool and left the bank account info blank, will get their payment by mail. The IRS will begin mailing paper checks on May 15.

    SSI recipients who have an Individual Representative Payee and normally get their benefits direct deposited or put on a card will get their stimulus payment the same way starting May 27. If you normally get a check, that will come later.

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    I forgot to ask one more question when I filled out the non-filer I put my physical address instead of my mailing address will I still get the stimulus check or will it be sent back I'm on SSI and SSDI and they would have given the IRS my mailing, but as I filled out the IRS non filer(should not have done that in the first place) I put in my physical address, not my mailing address. Will i still get my stimulus check