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    I just got a message on messenger from a Woman named Vivian Rex who claimed that she got my Stimulus Check by mistake and said that she would mail it 2 me if I paid her $100 now that is clearly a scam so I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and I hope that people are aware of things like this. It is really sad that people will scam others because they know how desperate they are. I knew this was not true because I am on SSDI and my payment hasn't been mailed out yet because I am getting my payment direct deposited at least that is what everybody has been telling me will happen just the same way I usually get my monthly Social Security benefits each month. Again I encourage people 2 pay attention and watch out for things like that. If it was real no good decent person would charge $100 to forward a piece of mail 2 someone.
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    Good warning. There are a lot of stimulus check scammers out there right now. Like you said, definitely do not trust anyone that's asking for money like that, and also the IRS will never call you or email you, they will only reach out to you via mail. So don't trust any calls or emails making any claims about stimulus checks either.