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Ssi. With payee Stimulus check

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    I am on ssi I have a payee my ssi get directly deposit into my account ! Where is my stimulus check !!!!! I filled out the stupid portal just as asked before they changed it ! Ssi got promised a long time ago we would see our money same way we get our benefits well where is my check
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    Im on SSI as well and have a payee I have direct deposit were I get my check every month. My husband got his on April 29th because he has SSDI. Have not seen mine yet though I've tried to check portal but it always says They have no information on my check I don't understand either.
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    Hopefully this helps. Found an article that details the timeline.

    Stimulus payment timeline for all SSI recipients

    Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

    SSI recipients who get their benefits through direct deposit started seeing their stimulus payments on May 13.

    SSI recipients who get their benefits by check, or if they used the non-filers tool and left the bank account info blank, will get their payment by mail. The IRS will begin mailing paper checks on May 15.

    SSI recipients who have an Individual Representative Payee and normally get their benefits direct deposited or put on a card will get their stimulus payment the same way starting May 27. If you normally get a check, that will come later.

    The Social Security Administration has a webpage giving more details on those with payee situations. There is also a chart that gives timeline information when you answer the chart questions and this is for ALL social security benefit recipients.

    So sounds like if you have a payee then they will start depositing SSI stimulus checks on May 27th.