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Do I qualify for a Stimulus check? I'm in need of it badly.

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    I'm so confused about why someone that is over the age 17yrs old (referring to myself) that was claimed as a dependent on the person's 2019 taxes who supported me for 2019 only got an extra $500 back on his taxes, but everyone is saying that bc he filed me as a dependent on his 2019 taxes that I'm not eligible for a Stimulus check now. WHY??? I filled my own taxes in 2018 and don't understand why I wouldn't get a check when I fall under every category that says your eligible to get a check. Especially when I found out the person that claimed me as a dependent on his 2019 taxes won't receive a Stimulus check for me either. PLEASE explain this to me bc I should DEFINITELY get a check since I did everything they are saying u had to do to qualify for a Stimulus check in 2018. The really bad thing is that my 2018 taxes doesn't have my correct address& I didn't file for direct deposit, but the way it's looking is that the person who claimed me as a dependent in 2019 nor myself is even going to get a check. ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING IS WHEN I GO TO CHECK THE STATUS OF MY STIMULUS CHECK IT SAYS MY CHECK IS SCHEDULED TO BE MAILED OUT ON MAY 1ST. BUT SHOULDN'T IT SAY SOMETHING ELSE IF I'M NOT ELIGIBLE & NOT RECEIVING A CHECK??? I was really counting on this check so I could find a place to live😒😬😭😞
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    The way the Cares Act was written, it explicitly says you can't get a stimulus check if you were claimed as a dependent, no matter what age you are.

    And for those claiming dependents, if your claimed dependent is under 17 years of age, then you will get an additional $500 stimulus check. But if they are 17 or older, you won't qualify for any additional stimulus.

    Also, they do go off of the most recent tax information. So 2019 info will supercede 2018 info.

    All that said, there could be some very good news coming for you. House Democrats are trying to pass a bill today, to go to the Senate, called the HEROES Act. It currently includes a second round of stimulus payments that will this time include payments for all dependents, no matter what age they are. And in some cases, if you missed out/didn't qualify for a stimulus in the first round, they will make up for that and send out two checks. Plus the dependent amount this time will go up from $500 to $1200 per dependent.

    Keep in mind, this is far from law, and the Senate has every right to reject this proposal. Or change it dramatically. But know that they are in talks of sending more direct payments to Americans in the near future, and I recommend checking out our thread on the progress on the next round of relief payments here ---

    House Stimulus Bill Calls for 2nd Check & More Unemployment Ins.