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IRS Deadline to Enter Direct Deposit Info For Stimulus Check

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    If you are one of the millions of Americans who have yet to receive your stimulus check then there's a very important deadline quickly approaching that, if you don't act, may delay your stimulus check even more. That is because the IRS announced that people who haven't received their stimulus checks have until 12 p.m. EST Wednesday, May 13, to enter their direct deposit information if they do not want to have to wait to get their check in the mail.

    To be clear, this deadline will not prevent eligible individuals and couples from getting a stimulus check. You will still be eligible to receive your stimulus check, but will have to wait for a paper check to be mailed to you instead.

    One group of people who will likely be negatively impacted by this deadline are those who haven't filed their 2018 taxes but did file 2019 taxes that haven't been processed yet. They can't enter their direct deposit information in the "Get My Payment" portal because their tax returns are still being processed, even though some people who fall into this unfortunate group have claimed they have been in limbo since late January and early February. Unfortunately the IRS has not given an adequate answer about when this group of people will receive their stimulus checks or when their 2019 tax returns will be processed.

    However, if you don't fall into this group of people, then you should be able to log onto the "Get My Payment" portal and enter your direct deposit information to receive your stimulus check by direct deposit. Just make sure you do so by 12 p.m. EST Wednesday, May 13.

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    I don't really have much of a problem with the IRS having a deadline for people to enter their direct deposit information, but it is absolutely unacceptable to make the people who are in limbo for no fault of their own and can't enter their direct deposit information to wait even longer.

    I understand that we're in the throes of a once in a generation emergency, but people are suffering and making them wait for their stimulus check because the IRS is unable to get their act together infuriates me.

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    Good info. I know for many this IRS portal has been a complete disaster. So many edge cases, many reported throughout dozens of forums on this site, where the portal either doesn't work or gives a date that comes and goes without deposit or a check in the mail. Or a number of other issues.

    I will say that I filed for 2018 but not 2019 yet. And I needed to use the portal to give them my bank acct info as I am a 1099 filer, and always owe. I was able to use it successfully (finally) around April 25th (ish somewhere around there) and I got a message saying it was successful and would provide a date later on.

    I checked it daily and after about a week it said it would be deposited on May 6th. Sure enough I got the deposit the morning of May 6th.

    I know there are a ton of issues using the portal. But it still does seem to be working at least for a good majority of people, however slow. All that's to say if you are in a situation similar to mine I highly recommend using the portal. I would have been waiting an extra 3-5 weeks for a paper check if I had not have used it. And I don't have to worry about cashing a paper check either now.

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    I hope everyone who hadn't entered their direct deposit information in yet was able to do so. If you were unable to then you will now have to wait to receive your stimulus check in the mail because the deadline to enter your information into the IRS online portal has passed.
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    Entered DD via get payment on 4/15/20

    still no payment date yet! What is going on???!


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    Entered my info in the Get My Payment Tool on April 17 2020. It told me I was eligible and would get a date when I would get payment. It hasn't updated since. Almost a month later and no change. This is ridiculous!

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    Ok I just like everyone else is completely confused and upset. I am on SSDI and was told that we didn't have 2 do anything 2 get our payments so patiently we did just that. Then we get an update from the IRS saying that people who do not update their Direct Deposit information by May 13th are gonna have a check mailed out to them. They started processing payments in my group on April 29th which was 2 weeks ago so if they wanted us 2 use the Non Filers page to update our Direct Deposit information then ok fine but why wait til the last damn min and most people even questioned doing this then because so many were told that by using the Non Filers page we would be getting a check and not Direct Deposit. Does all of this make any sense at all? Why did the IRS have 2 make this so damn difficult and confusing in the 1st place? If they had just stuck 2 what they had told people a lot of these problems could have been prevented. Also if they kept 2 the dates and timelines that they notified people about in the beginning. But what made this whole thing a giant mess that could have been avoided was 2 accept phone calls from people who were struggling and having issues, yes it would have been busy but a whole lot of these issues could have been resolved if all they did was just take phone calls from people who needed their help. So now many people who haven't gotten their payments may now not even get them in the 1st place when they are needed now not 3 or 4 months later. I am willing 2 bet that anyone who is reading this will agree that the IRS screwed up badly and most importantly all of this could have been avoided and even prevented and that is what has caused so much stress because none of this had 2 happen period.

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    Also those of us on Social Security of any kind like myself on Disability was told that we didn't have 2 file our taxes. Well I started SSDI in 2018 and therefore did not file in 18 or 19 and I was told that Social Security gave my bank information to the IRS. My question now is since I was misinformed do I now have 2 file on the Non Filers page so that the IRS has my bank information and can Direct Deposit my payment or should I just wait til the check comes in the mail. Problem is Direct Deposit is much faster and I need my payment soon but I am concerned that if I do that it will be mailed automatically. Can anyone please give or share any advice or suggestions?