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    Check was supposed to be mailed out on April 24th and we have not received it yet? Should it be here by now? My husband and I did joint taxes for 2019 thru turbo was told it would be on the card, then we were told scheduled to be mailed out on the 24th of April! Help please
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    Need to do more research on this, but my first thought is its possible the portal means to say they are starting to mail out checks on April 24th, and going in order of income.

    This is the rough timetable of when they are mailing out checks based on AGI of latest filing. Will try and get clarity to help answer your question better, but for now, find your AGI from this outline and its possible that's when you will receive your check in the mail.

    Timeline and Income Levels

    24th: income up to $10,000

    May ($10,001 - $60,000)
    1st: 10k - $20k
    7th: $20k - $30k
    15th: $30k - $40k
    22nd: $40k - $50k
    29th: $50k - $60k

    June ($60,001 - $100,000)
    5th: $60k - $70k
    12th: $70k - $80k
    19th: $80k - $90k
    26th: $90k - $100k

    July ($100,001 - $150,000)
    3rd: $100k - $110k
    10th: $110k - $120k
    17th: $120k - $130k
    24th: $130k - $140k
    31st: $140k - $150k

    August ($150,001 - $190,000)
    7th: $150k - $160k
    14th: $160k - $170k
    21st: $170k - $180k
    28th: $180k - $190k

    4th: $190,001 - $198,100 (max)