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us citizen, no check, immagrant with fake ss numbers get check

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    I was claimed on someones tax return so I don't get the stimulus check..why? the person who put me as a dependant on there return didn't get any extra for me on the stimulus check , because im not under 18.,. So why does that make me ineligible for the 1,200 . I am a us citizen and I pay plenty in taxes even without filling taxes. yet a illegal alien can receive a check. Plus they even went as far to make a law so they can get it, because there social security # they use are
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    That's just unfortunately how the stimulus law was written. They just excluded any dependents over 16 years old. That left out most all college students and many other people in your situation.. at least many people in Congress are fully aware of this and they are actively trying to work on another stimulus bill that will include more people in the next round.