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How to Get Help Paying Rent

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    Struggling to pay for rent is hard enough sometimes. Struggling to pay for rent during an economic downturn that has shut down large portions of the world economy is another thing entirely. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to get help to pay your rent and continue staying in your residence.

    I want to be clear up front that the programs I'm discussing are for individuals and families who already have housing. If you are currently homeless or destitute and are seeking shelter then I encourage you to apply for Section 8 or Public Housing through your local housing authority.

    For those of you who currently have housing and are struggling to pay your rent, there are a number of ways to get assistance to help ensure housing stability during these uncertain times. The vast majority of these programs are from private non-profit companies and faith-based organizations in your community, which means your current location has a big impact on what programs and assistance are available to you.

    However, there are a few national charities that offer rental and other monetary assistance to individuals and families during difficult times in their lives. Each has their own rules and regulations determining who qualifies for assistance, but anyone who is in need of assistance can apply.

    Modest Needs: Offers grants of up to $1,000 to cover one emergency expense.

    Salvation Army: Offers a myriad of housing programs, including one-time assistance to help pay rent.

    Catholic Charities: Offers numerous emergency assistance grants and other programs that can help you to pay your rent.

    These are just a few of many organizations dedicated to helping people in need of assistance. While these three organizations are the most well known, there are also likely a number of local organizations in your community dedicated to helping you and your loved ones.

    If you you or anyone you know needs help then know there is help out there. You can get started by calling 211 or visiting

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    I would like to see some federal legislation tackling this very real problem. If people aren't working then how are they expected to find the resources to pay for their rent or mortgage? This really seems like a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.
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    As much as I applaud the various private and religious entities stepping up to the place, I just don't think they have the financial resources to help the sheer number of people who will need rent and housing assistance in the coming weeks and months.

    I'm really worried about the pending rent (and likely mortgage) crisis if our leaders don't step up and do something very fast. I know a lot of states have issued various regulations preventing evictions for "X" number of months, but all those really seem to do is postponing the inevitable unless Congress acts and makes it so we aren't witnessing mass evictions in the coming months.

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    I started a thread that could help anyone with a mortgage --

    Mortgage Forbearance - How to Delay Payments

    Mortgage Forbearance won't help renters. But if you are a homeowner and are having trouble paying your mortgage, then there are options to delay your mortgage payments, for up to 1 year.