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Ui and PUA

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    I quit my job in Iowa last Sept because for the past couple of years my annual wages dropped by more that $15,000. We have since sold our home and moved to Wisconsin. In Feb I started looking for a job up here. I was in the middle of two interview processes when COVID-19 hit and that shut down the interviews. I filed an unemployment claim in Iowa on April 13, 2020. I got the green sheet they send out showing what my benefits would be but when I check my status online it shows it is pending for review. I have continued filing my weekly claims but no resolution yet. My question is would I qualify for PUA if my claim gets denied? Also, my wife started working here and 2 1/2 weeks into her job they were shut down for COVID-19. She filed within hours of being shut down. She has been fighting with Iowa on getting her PUA benefit and has given them all of the info they said they were waiting for. This has been 5 going on 6 weeks now and not one dime.
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    Have you gotten any further in this process since you posted this? Also is there a reason both of you are claiming in Iowa and not Wisconsin?