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Stimulus payment

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    I am on SSDI and I know I did not receive a 1099 in Jan. I tried going on the Social Security website but they don't recognize my address which they've sent other correspondence to me at and it will not let me get into my account so I can get a copy of my 1099. I do not know if the IRS has my info as I didn't get a 1099 I can't go into their non-filers portal because I get my benefits on a Direct Express card and there's no way I can enter that information is there anyway I can find out if I'm going to be getting my money through direct deposit or not at all?
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    I am on ssi and I haven’t receive my stumis check does any one know if and when they will be here I need that extra money to pay my pills the little bit I get on ssi doesn’t cover my bills and my boyfriend is out of work right now and we can’t even found out when he is supposed to be getting his