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When to Mail Your Taxes if You're Not Filing Online

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    Many people still choose to file their taxes by hand and mail their paperwork in. For those of you who do so, it would be good to know when you need to mail your forms in to make sure you aren't going to be hit with a late penalty. You may think that the IRS will have to receive your taxes by April 15, but that isn't actually true. As long as the postmark on your taxes is on April 15th or before then the IRS will count your taxes as being filed on time. So for all of those last minute filers, like myself, then you still have a few days to go before having to get your taxes in.

    Are you one of those people who wait for the last minute or have you already filed your taxes? I'm someone who tends to wait until the last minute, so I'm sure I will be one of those people sending my paperwork in on or around April 15th.
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    Handy info. I was really worried a few years back, and so I called the IRS hotline to see if the postmark rumor was true. It is. Was a relief. It's a fair rule, as I'm sure they are bombarded around mid April with mail. I'm guessing its unbelievable how much work post offices have around this time of year.