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Unemployment benefit amount??

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    I have recently applied for unemployment in Maryland. I have been self employed for 14 yrs. On the portal, it is showing I am eligible for $176 per week in benefits (plus the $600/wk). The $176 per week is the lowest amount. According to the unemployment calculator, I should qualify for the max of $430 per week. Are some states going with the minimum until they catch up? I did upload 1099s that verify income. By the way, Maryland's new website is a disaster. Thanks!!!
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    I have seen this several times doing research on this subject. So it seems self-employed individuals getting PUA benefits are eligible for a minimum of one half of the max state benefits.

    Here’s What the Relief Packages Give Self-Employed Workers

    Once you successfully file, the amount you receive will depend on your state. But under the pandemic program, there will be a minimum benefit equal to one-half the state’s average weekly unemployment insurance amount. That comes out to about $190 a week nationally, on average, according to the National Employment Law Project.

    But it seems many are getting only the minimum right now. Not sure if that's by design for the states or not. Will post again here if I come across that info.