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Get My Payment portal and Social Security, SSI, and VA beneficiaries

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    I receive SSI n I rent a Room in my landlords home , he is Head of Household n received his Stimous Check on May 1 20 for $1.200 will I Get A Stimulus Check ?? We live in Same Household n I rent from him u Receive SSI n Public Assistance food stamps madical n buy n prepare my own meals I pay $200 for rent plus the Welfare I am Single no depends n I've Spent in Cash over $500, because of the Carona Virus that put me in a hole, My Landlord is The Head of Household n received his $1.200 on 5/1/20 but I did not WILL I GET a Stimous Check for me I am out over $500 in Cash in the last six weeks WILL I get A Stimulus Check n if so When I am Broke n owe Back Bills ect I Can not !!! Afford to put out no more Cash my bills e pileing up CAN SOMETHING Please get back to me ASAP
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    Bone Wrote:

    I to get SSI, have no depends and have direct express . I still haven't gotten my stimulus payment. So when and how will I get it. Starting to feel it's hopeless. Please any help would be Appreciated it.

    IRS is giving SSI ppl until the 5th to add dependents. So they have to wait til after that to make sure ppl add them. I heard SSI ppl should get checks within 2 weeks into May. I mean deposits