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Mistakes on EDD (cal) application

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    This was my first time filling out an EDD application, I made a mistake on my first certification.

    when I filled the whole thing (March26), I still had one pay pending, I didn’t give any info about amounts, I don’t remember being asked about it, I just entered the last time I worked and when I tried to add my last payment, it wouldn’t accept any future dates so I put the last time I got deposited (while I was working).
    I also forgot to put the info on my first certification.

    I haven’t being able to contact any person on the phone and the automated system isn’t helpful for my problem. I sent tons of messages on ‘contact us’ through the EDD website and I haven’t gotten any answer. I just don’t want to get it denied nor being accused of fraud.

    does anyone know if this can get solved by the messages I sent with the correct info or I am just scr*wed?
    I am really nervous about it.

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    Likely what will happen is it will be processed, eventually, and they will then ask for additional, follow-up info, let you know the info is inaccurate or they will reject the application and suggest you reprocess. You shouldn't be accused of anything though as people mess up applications all the time.

    This just unfortunately very likely prolongs the process for you. Usually you can just email or call in to quickly enough fix/amend the application. But of course right now that's very hard if not near impossible to do. I would keep trying to contact them and the moment they finally do respond one way or another, take action/respond back as soon as you hear from them.

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    I have one amount on paid status, I have two certifications on process and I got my 3rd certification on the mail so I guess I still am approved but I even haven’t received my card or any sign that they got my letter with my info to certify my identity. This is all messy and I am getting frustrated.