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    My wife & I are both on Social Security which is direct deposited each month. We are still waiting on our stimulus checks. I have tried researching problems to no avail. My question is, do the checks only get deposited on Wednesday of each week?
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    We have a thread on the time frame for everyone to get their stimulus checks.

    Stimulus Checks Are On The Way -- Here's The Timetable

    Here's the part from the thread that pertains to those receiving Social Security:

    2) Social Security recipients get funds in their accounts between April 17th and 24th. Right after they do the bulk of direct deposits, the very next people who get stimulus money are those receiving Social Security, either through retirement or disability, including RRB. Your check will be direct deposited automatically, with no need to do anything.

    They haven't said the exact date they are doing the deposits but they should be processing deposits daily.