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    I input my direct deposit info on the get my payment portal Friday it gave me confirmation that everything thing when through and now its saying a check is mailed on the 24th of April don't understand what's on did it go through or not?
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    We have a thread discussing this topic already.

    When will those who used the "IRS Portal" get their deposits?

    Right now we don't know exactly what that means. Its safe to take it at face value and assume they are mailing your check on the 24th instead of doing direct deposit though. But there is a chance that when they update your systems (once every night) that this status update can change for you, as it can take several days (at least) for the portal to update with inputted information.

    The portal is simply not very accurate right now. So that status update you are seeing could mean a number of things. Will update that thread when more clarity on this comes. But worse case, they are mailing you a check in a few days.