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New stimulus?

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    So, I haven’t seen as of the last few days where the government is on the next round of consumer help. I know a week or so ago the government was working on the next round to include additional money for small businesses but I haven’t heard anything on that status, any information on time table and/or contents of the package? Bryce28 I would bet you have some info?
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    I do have an update on that.

    They are reportedly 'close' to passing a 4th round of relief aid that will inject new money into the now dried up Paycheck Protection Program. To the tune of $250B. But at the moment both sides haven't reached an agreement on what should be in the 4th stimulus bill exactly:

    Pelosi: Lawmakers 'very close' on bipartisan agreement for additional PPP funding

    Congressional Democrats have been negotiating with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin about the amount of additional money that will go into the program in the next stimulus bill.

    The two parties have been at odds because Republicans want to pass a "clean" bill that would only include $250 billion in additional money for the PPP. Democrats want to add in another $100 billion for hospitals, $150 billion for states and a boost in food assistance funding in addition to money for small business loans.

    "I think we're very close to agreement," Pelosi told ABC News.

    So not sure what 'close' means. But seems to reason that bill could pass as early as this upcoming week.

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    I hope that whatever the two sides decide, that it is at least worth the headaches that is going on.

    Oil is down to less than zero, the PPP is outta money, people are crying over “where’s my money, I need my money” when it isn’t even their money and of course people are protesting and marching on state capitals because they want to be released from quarantine (Trump says he’s ready to lighten the restrictions yet he’s closing the borders to immigration into the US).

    I am having trouble with this quarantine too (I prefer to call it being sequestered, it sounds less like some medical issue and more like doing my duty as an American) but if I don’t stay home then I could very well come in contact with someone that has the virus and I could take it home to my family, I am happy to stay home right now.