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Can’t verify 2018 so 2019 rejected

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    I filed my 2018 return my state when to a court thing and federal said it needed to be verified. I couldn’t get to the appointment at the irs. Went to file 2019 it gets rejected and needed a pin then I never received a pin that was supposed to have been sent in December. So now there’s no one to talk to at the irs. Nor can I verify through the website I don’t really have the credit items that they want and I have to renew my Id. Yea it sounds like I screwed. Doe any chance anyone would know if I can get the stimulus package still
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    You can still get the stimulus, but not until your 2018 or 2019 officially goes through with the IRS. The good news is there isn't an expiration date on getting your stimulus, so even if it takes months to get this settled with the IRS, once you do, the stimulus will process.

    That doesn't help you immediately of course. But just know your stimulus won't just disappear. It will just be set aside until they have current enough information to know where to send the money, either direct deposit or in the mail.

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    Same thing is happening with me the problem is that you can not call the IRS you can't mail anything to the IRS the IRS needs to come up with a way to help people like us it's ridiculous that you can't create a IRS account without having a credit card mortgage loan Auto loan student loan it's bullshit we need help to and there not even setting up a phone number to call to get this straightened out