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Florida Unemployment system failure

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    Hi everyone, I need help, guidance insight and direction regarding the Florida Unemployment Website also known was UI Connect. Here is the link :

    I got laid off from my job at the end of March. I have been trying to file for Unemployment every single day, attempt upon attempt, hours upon hours with very little success. At first I needed to verify my identity. I attempted the first suggest from DEO which was to enter my social security number and select the "Forgot Pin" box. I did this numerous times only for the site to freeze, kick me out, eventually to be locked out and referred to an Authentication Line phone number. I called the number and actually spoke to a LIVE PERSON. They gave me my new pin. I ha?went) and logged into the website. There were a couple of things I needed to review and possibly update. I did that.

    It then guided me to "Apply for Benefits. As I stated in the beginning, I I have been trying to file for Unemployment every single day, attempt upon attempt, hours upon hours. I was able to make it though the updating personal data only to get be kicked out. I attempted to log back in. It will not let me. I don't know what to do. I can't submit the claim. I offer the callback option. Thank you for calling and disconnects. I have faxed them. I have emailed them. I have not heard from them. I went to the other site. I put in what appears to be some type of application but nothing indicates they received it, processing it zero info. Since submitting that I call to try and get info about me through automated phone line and it says they are having difficulty to ask to speak to CSR. I get denied abd disconnected..


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    This article might shed some light on what's going on:

    Florida has paid out just 4% of unemployment applications since COVID-19 outbreak

    Firstly, they are enormously backlogged for applications. They are understaffed and the system they have for processing unemployment applications is just simply not up to the task of handling the large amount of applications right now. Here are some exerts from the article:

    Management Services Secretary Jonathan Satter said there are more than 850,000 applications "in the queue."

    That means only 4% of Floridians who’ve filed for unemployment since the coronavirus outbreak began crippling the economy have been paid.

    The U.S. Department of Labor said Thursday almost 181,300 Floridians filed for jobless claims, raising the total number of Floridians seeking unemployment benefits over the past three weeks to more than 520,000 workers. The state later said the number of claims has reached 800,000, which still does not include applications that have yet to be processed.

    Satter said Thursday the state is still working through all the paper applications that have been submitted.

    Officials with the DEO said the agency will be conducting nightly maintenance to the CONNECT system to help with processing claims. CONNECT will be unavailable from 8 p.m. – 8 a.m. daily.

    So the site is only going to be available half the day everyday as it stands. That will bottleneck all traffic from 8am to 8pm. And with almost a million applications in queue and them only having serviced about 4% of applicants, they are just simply completely overwhelmed.

    It sounds like you finally actually got an application sent in? Even though you didn't get a confirmation of any kind, is that right?

    It's not what you want to hear for sure, but for the next few weeks you'll just have to be patient and stay diligent, continuing to apply or follow up as you have been trying to do so far. Eventually you will get approved and paid. Its just very unclear when that will be.

    The good news is you should get retroactive payments, so you won't be penalized for all this wait time, ultimately. But there isn't any viable workaround to what you are already doing unfortunately right now. Sounds like you are doing everything right. Its just that the system isn't designed for hundreds of thousands to be using it all at once like this. Hopefully their nightly maintenance makes this better and soon.