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Still Waiting For Your Stimulus Check? This Might Be Why

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    Entered DD via get payment on 4/15/20

    still no payment date yet! What is going on???!


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    I filed non-filers on April 13, I received an email from them saying transmission worked and another stating IRS accepted my return on April 14th. Why can't I get a status on the non-filers tool and why haven't I received anything? I gave bank account info and I have no income from any source. I did not file a 2018 nor 2019 return. I decided to file a 2019 return the other day with H and R block but IRS denied it as they said I had already filed one. Can you give me any on site? Thank you

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    Trump called everyone on Social Security (FRAUDS ) and has a hate of them second to none ! He made sure that Mnuchin understood these folks are not to get their payments until last period ! And NO other reason ! So anytime after may27th you might have a chance ! Continue to ask Trump on twitter daily along with McMoscow ! If they desire to withhold your money make sure the world knows and that they think twice of doing it again! Bush Jr issued 3 stimulus in the same time it has taken Trump /Kushner /Mnuthin to issue one ! Nothing but discrimination ! The Patriot Act has every bank account number on file and could of issued the entire country with bank accounts in minutes ! The $135 billion for Americas wealthiest $3 million each paid ! Those who could pay taxes ,paid ! All SSDI SSI and more nothing !
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    JaredS Wrote:

    The first round of stimulus check payments have been sent out, but you're certainly not alone if your bank account doesn't have an extra $1,200-$2,400 right now. That's because there have been a number of delays, glitches, and outright confusion with depositing the checks into millions of Americans bank accounts.

    Ironically, this was supposed to be the easy part. The people the IRS intended to send money to already had direct deposit information on file and those people were initially told they didn't have to do anything if their banking information was the same. Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple for a large number of Americans.

    Here are a few reasons why you may still be waiting for your stimulus check.

    Your 2019 Taxes Have Not Been Processed
    One of the most common complaints has been from people who filed their 2019 tax returns in recent weeks. If they didn't provide direct deposit information on their 2018 taxes but did on their 2019 taxes then it is likely their banking information has not been updated yet. The IRS has not said when they expect to process these returns and get payments to those affected.

    You Filed Your Taxes On a Third Party Website
    People who filed their 2018 or 2019 taxes on popular third party websites like H&R Block, TurboTax, and Jackson Hewitt, among others, are also reporting that they have not received their stimulus checks yet. This is because these websites have not shared users direct deposit information with the IRS. The IRS has reportedly claimed it has figured out a way to fix this problem and a claim a “significant percentage" of those affected will ultimately get a direct deposit, but hundreds of thousands of Americans who used these tax filing services are still waiting for their checks.

    You Didn't Owe Any Taxes or Receive a Refund in 2018 or 2019
    People who didn't owe any taxes or receive a refund in 2018 or 2019 are also reporting that they not only didn't get any money, but can't even log onto the IRS portal to check the status of their stimulus check. The IRS has reported that they are "aware of the problem and are checking into it,” without providing any further details.

    These are just a few reasons why people haven't received their checks. Does anyone fall into these categories? Or, perhaps more importantly, was anyone expecting a check and not fall into one of these categories?

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    what if I’m not required to file, haven’t worked in years and just staying with family and friends? I do have an address from last time I did file. Do I fill out something about not required to file and where do I find it? I’m lost
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    I did not owe taxes in 2018 or 2019, but I did receive Social Security survivor benefits for 6 months after my father died in December 2018 until my 18th birthday in June 2019. During those months, I was at Job Corps. As far as I know, I have not received a check, and no money has been deposited in the account this year, but a letter that said I received a stimulus payment went to Job Corps and was forwarded to my home address.
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    I have been expecting a check and don't fit in to any of those categories. I've been waiting patiently for my stimulus check. I would check the IRS tool get my payment and it was saying my check was to be mailed on may 4th. I've been waiting and waiting then the other day I check the status again and it says that they need more information and want me to give them my bank account information. I do not have a bank account and the site is trying to tell me they mailed my payment and it was returned to the irs. And now I need to give them my updated address. I used the non filers tool to make sure I had it mailed to me at the correct address before anything was mailed to me and there's no way it was ever delivered here then returned. I don't have another address to give them and now when I try to use the get my payment tool it's telling me that my payment status is unavailable. What is really going on with my check?
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    I did not receive my stimulus payment

    I only file 2018 taxes

    When I called the IRS and ask him if I was going to get receive or when I was going to see my stimulus check.

    This lady at the IRS said you will not receive a check because you were claimed on 2018 taxes

    I asked her who would have claimed me because that is is impossible for someone to claim me

    She said I suggest you contact your family members I cannot give you that information

    My mom and my step dad did my 2018 taxes they printed them out for me and I was not claimed. every time I've called back I get hung up on. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do next

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    I was on SSDI back in 2014.... I got sent to prison for 55 months for a DUI. When I got there my benifits were suspended until my release. They told me all I had to do was reapply right before my release and my benifits would be reinstated. I was released in 2017 and have been trying to get back on since. Anyhow due to that I havent filed any tax returns since 2005. I am how homeless and my mail gets sent to me via general delivery at my local post office. I do not have a bank accoun. I do have an EBT card that the state puts $190 a month on as we!! As food stamp benifits of $185. I have yet to recieve any stimulus funding. I an in default on my Government Student loan and am wondering if they had kept my stimulus funds and put that goward the payment of that loan. If not I am not sure if Im even entitled to that money. Do you know if I should get one? I could really use the money as being without a place I would use it to put down on a motorhome to stay in. If I am supposed to get some of that funding, where do I start and what do I do?

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    I called the IRS about a month ago and asked why I didn't get my stimulus check

    The lady on the phone told me that I was claimed on 2018 taxes

    I said there is no way that that is possible for me to be claimed that is a mistake

    My step dad and mom did my taxes and I have a printout of them

    The lady told me that I should go to my family members and start asking them because she was not going to give me the information

    I didn't even get to say anything else and she hung up on me

    I have tried to call back several times and I'm getting hung up on

    Does anyone know what I should do from this point so that I can get my stimulus check

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    John has not yet received stimulus check yet are we still get the stimulus checks that old to us