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Food stamps

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    Someone told me that in North Carolina everyone is getting double food stamps the first payment on your normal schedule then another one in about a week had anyone heard of this
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    Good question. The short answer is that's basically true. Here's a good explanation of what's going on:

    NC food assistance recipients receive extra benefits for April, May

    The U.S. Agriculture Department approved providing the maximum amounts Friday.

    All families will receive the maximum amount allowed for their household size for April and May.

    For example, a family of four would be eligible to receive a total of $646 for each of the two months.

    The additional benefit amounts will begin being paid Wednesday and on April 22. The payments will be randomly generated and staggered every other workday until all eligible households have received their temporary increase.

    Recipients will continue to receive their regular benefits and should be aware they will receive two separate payments each month.

    The increase is subject to the following guidelines:

    • Households that already receive the maximum amount for their household size will not receive the temporary increase;
    • The household size will not include ineligible or disqualified members;
    • Households that were ineligible for either March or April will not receive a temporary increase for the month(s) they were ineligible.