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    As of this week I have paid back an overpayment MD unemployment said I owe. This week there should have been $90 credit to pay me. I did not receive anything. Is there a different process for for me to receive that 90 or will it be included in next week amount? I'm on hold with MD unemployment now, but really it is ringing into oblivion... Do not want to risk hanging up if this is their hold.....

    thanks for any advice

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    It should be included in one of your upcoming weekly claims. Though its unclear when. And there also is a chance it gets lost in the shuffle of all of this chaos with MD DOL being completely overwhelmed right now. Unfortunately it will be very difficult to get anyone on the phone, or even get an answer through email. But keep trying. It might take bringing it to someone's attention for them to ultimately see and correct the issue, though the hope is the electronic system figures it out on its own.