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Failure to Follow Instructions with a Web Cert

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    My daughter filed for unemployment shortly after being laid off and received a letter in the mail stating she would receive a certain amount. She did not read the form completely and did not file the necessary Web Cert to receive the money. Soon after, she had an urgent surgery and several weeks went by before she realized her mistake and filed again. She did file the Web Cert. The amount she will receive is for one week. According to the correspondence she has received from Md. Unemployment, it shows her first filing date was several weeks before. Is she still eligible for the weeks she missed? Will she be penalized for her mistake? She will miss out on three weeks unemployment pay if this is the case. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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    Tough question and one we likely won't be able to answer for sure, as MD DOL doesn't exactly make that clear on their site that I have noticed at least. But can try to help all the same. What was the date she originally applied and does that match up with the date the DOL is saying? Also was she laid off due to coronavirus?
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    Yes, the date she originally applied was was the same as the DOL date and she was laid off due to the Coronavirus.