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$600 supplemental Unemployment benefits

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    I live in the Georgia. I work for GE who shut the entire plant down due to Covid 19 bc they were claimed essential so they took the week and created a system to help fight against the spread of the virus creating barriers (if that's what you call it) bc we CAN NOT maintain a 6 ft social distance. We were denied the $600 supplement and partial unemployment bc governor Kemp announced the the supplemental bill the ending week GE announced the shut down. He did not sign the bill until we went back to work. How is that possible? If he announced a upcoming bill should he not have passed it for the week he announced it? How can that be fair to "essential" employees that feel unsafe made to work closely together.. we're not producing medical equipment. This company manufacture stove ranges. Over 2000 employees working in close proximity every night. We do not repair already purchased ranges but were producing them. We donated a few but not 1/4 of what these lines put out in production. The president announced social distancing the week before we were shut down and we kept right on making ranges thru people being sick with fevers vomiting on and off the lines. I carried my daughter to the ER with a fever and severe body pain and was docked 1/2 a point against my attendance. How does that even happen? We have ranges in stored in warehouses up to 5 weeks ahead of schedule. How can the governor even consider this plant to be essential to put 2000 people coming from 3 different states to work beside each other in such close proximity to each other. Then on top of that how does one cut their throats by denying them the supplement he announced the week their played off... can we, the essential, not appeal this? We waited 2-3 weeks to even get a unemployment check bc the company waited until the next mid week to file for us. And then they only filed half the people and waited till the following week to file the other half. For the life of me I do not understand this act of negligence. I do know theres at least 1000 voters he has definitely lost..
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    I know Gov Kemp has been getting a lot of backlash over his handling of the response (or lack thereof) to the pandemic. I am a little confused by your circumstance though. So how long were you out of work? And you are still working right now, correct? Also are you advocating to be considered non-essential right now so you don't have to work because of the risk of getting the virus at work?

    I am not 100% sure, but my inclination is that GE itself is considered essential because in part, they are making PPE. So that might give them a pass for everything else they produce. But even if they weren't I don't think the govt or even the states are deeming which product manufacturing services are essential vs non. At least I haven't seen that. Because people still need to buy all kinds of things. I think non-essential is more for social gathering places - bars, restaurants, parks, spas, theaters, etc.

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    When you plant shut down, were your furloughed or laid off? Also, how long was it until you went back to work?

    Right now, Georgia hasn't gone through with Pandemic Unemployment Assistance yet. Go ahead and file, and file again if you have already. Even if you get denied. The PUA online portal should be up and running in the coming days or weeks. Once it's up, apply again and see what happens.