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Ohio Postpones Presidential Primary

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    Ohio postponed their Presidential primary indefinitely. While three other states went ahead with their scheduled primary elections, Ohio was an outlier and decided to err on the side of caution.

    The decision capped a tumultuous and confusing couple of days in the state that brought about a number of lawsuits challenging Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton's decision to scrap the primary indefinitely. A candidate for a county judgeship challenged her order, which was rejected by the state Supreme Court. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine asked to have the primary moved to June, but was also rejected by the court. Dr. Acton's order remains in effect until the state of emergency has been lifted.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures and I have a feeling we're going to be seeing more states following Ohio's lead. My main worry is what we will do if this crisis, as it very well may, extends into November. What will we do then? I've seen some ideas thrown around about instituting a nationwide vote-by-mail program, but that is something that would have to be instituted in the next month or two max because it would take time to draw up rules and regulations on it.

    I think the initial fog of this crisis is beginning to be lifted and we're beginning to see how much life in America is about to change for the next number of months and likely much longer. Ohio may be a harbinger of things to come.

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    Agreed. They should be making contingencies for the main election in November. I think most expect it won't come to that, but what's the harm in having a back up plan? There is zero harm and it makes complete sense. It won't even cost that much either. Here's hoping this is a wake up call to those in charge in more ways than one. Waiting until the last second and being purely reactionary shouldn't always be our MO.
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    If Bernie Sanders drops out then the need to hold any further primaries would effectively be moot, but if his supporter perceive it as him being pushed out then that could potentially hurt the Democrats in November. It's a really touchy subject, to say the least.

    I hope state and national leaders are developing contingency plans if this outbreak lasts into November. We need to act now so we're prepared for any number of scenarios this November.