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Super Tuesday Results -- Its a 2 Person Race

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    Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer all dropped out just before Super Tuesday. And they all quickly publicly endorsed Joe Biden, asking their supporters to vote for him. The result - Joe Biden won Super Tuesday, and he won pretty big, given the bigger picture of the race. 14 states voted on March 3rd which is known as Super Tuesday. Here's how it all went down:

    Vermont - Bernie
    Virginia - Biden
    Alabama - Biden
    Maine - too close to call, basically tied between Bernie and Biden
    Massachusetts - Biden
    Oklahoma - Biden
    Texas - Biden
    North Carolina - Biden
    Arkansas - Biden
    Colorado - Bernie
    Minnesota - Biden
    Tennessee - Biden
    Utah - Bernie
    California - not official, but should go to Bernie

    That's 9 states for Joe Biden. And just 3 for Bernie. 4 for Sanders when you count CA.

    Full results

    And here's all the delegates awarded so far from Super Tuesday (which is what really matters):

    Joe Biden - 460
    Bernie Sanders - 401
    Elizabeth Warren - 39
    Michael Bloomberg - 24

    The two biggest states, Texas and California have a combined 300 more delegates to give. Something liked a 60/40 split is expected between Bernie and Biden for those. And them some states have some more delegates to give as well which will be more or less split between the two, with maybe Warren and Bloomberg getting a few more.

    But the headline is this is now a two person race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Or said another way, a race between the moderate/establishment and liberal/progressive factions of the Democratic party.

    Bloomberg suspended his campaign after Super Tuesday. I expect Warren to follow suit soon.

    I say Bernie and Biden will be basically dead heat tied as far as delegates go once all votes are tallied. It will be close anyways. Now that we only have two candidates, who do you think gets to 1,990 delegates first? The support for Biden is wide reaching at this point with the whole party basically lining up behind him. I think if Pete and Amy had dropped out a few weeks ago, Biden would have won Super Tuesday by an even wider margin, but Bernie was helped by early voting.

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    Update - Maine goes to Biden. And Fox News called Sanders the winner of California.

    Total delegate count overall now is:

    Biden - 513
    Sanders - 461

    That's according to NBC News anyways. Other places have slightly different numbers.

    Long race to 1,990. Still have 414 delegates to hand out for Super Tuesday though, which like I mentioned I think will more or less be split between the two with Sanders getting something like 60/40 of them because of California, maybe even more if Bloomberg doesn't meet the 15% threshold of viability in CA. So they should be very close to tied once all the delegates are in.

    If interested, as it stands today the total vote counts for all 16 states so far break down like this:

    Joe Biden - 4,788,324 (35.2%)
    Bernie Sanders - 3,881,322 (28.5%)

    So at least delegates currently represent the voting numbers. California is only 54% reporting right now though so that gap will likely shrink too.

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    Yep. Confirmed now. Bloomberg out yesterday, and Warren out as of today:

    She should have dropped out before Super Tuesday. Her pride didn't allow her it seems. Plus I don't think he cares if her staying in hurt Bernie. I wonder who she is going to endorse, if anyone?