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How Primaries Work, And Ways They Could Be Better

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    This is a great video put together by Vox that really has me thinking about how primaries are done for both parties, and how fluid and not set in stone the whole process really is. A lot of our current setup is actually very arbitrary. Thought it would make for a good forum discussion here.

    Did you know the history of how both parties came to decide on how to do all the primaries? That we didn't even have primary voting in all states until after 1968 because of protests? I think I might have vaguely known that but interesting to see it all laid out in a comprehensive way here.

    I agree its time to change the way we do early voting for party candidates. Giving Iowa and 3 other states so much power and influence in the early goings, every single election, doesn't make sense to me. Or at least I think it could be done way better and more fair.

    Thoughts on how to improve the primary voting process in the US? Or do you think its pretty good as is?

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    Iowa shouldn't go first. I agree with the logic of 538 - have Illinois go first. Or rotate it. Or do half the states on one day, and half a few weeks later. And then next election, rotate. Maybe there is no silver bullet solution, but it shouldn't be static the way it is now.
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    I wonder if this year will finally be the straw that broke the camel's back and the DNC will change how the primary process plays out. Super Tuesday showed us that a large swath of voters disagree with what the early states were thinking.