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rude over the phone

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    I try to keep updated on my disability claim so I check with ss disability every 2 weeks to see if any changes

    I was told by a worker to not call again til feb 18 2020

    was this man being rude or just a ass I have no clue has anyone else had this happen

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    I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience when you called the disability hotline.

    Here's a couple things I found by doing a quick search on

    How long payments continue

    Generally, your disability benefits will continue as long as your medical condition has not improved and you can’t work. Benefits won’t necessarily continue indefinitely. Because of advances in medical science and rehabilitation techniques, many people with disabilities recover from serious accidents and illnesses. We’ll review your case periodically to make sure you still have a qualifying disability.

    The Social Security Administration also has a FAQ page for people currently on SSDI. I would browse that page to see if what you're looking for is answered there.

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    I would consider using the my Social Security portal. You can check your application status in real time from there, without having to call in. And you should be able to see most everything you need about anything related to your Social Security and disability benefits once you create an account, which doesn't take long at all. And it'll save you from having to call in.
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    was disabled may 1st of 2018

    my claim was filed jan 2 nd of 2019

    i have spoken to 1 rep whom told me i was approved but did not tell me what for

    i checked online and it says medical decision has been made but also says application is being processed

    got me puzzled for sure it has been that way for weeks still no word

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    rheumatoid arthritis severe /Sjögren's Syndrome/70 percent hearing loss in left ear 85 loss in left/ lost 95 percent of movement in left wrist due to a surgery (a proximal row carpectomy) plus most of my grip strength being a mason it has ended my career in the trade of 30 yrs and to top off the sundae add lupus to the bunch and copd /Emphysema