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When You Should Sign up For Medicare

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    If you are approaching the age of 65 and are eligible to receive Medicare benefits then you might be starting to think about when you should sign up for coverage if you want it to start on your birthday. There are specific dates you are eligible to sign up for coverage and if you would like to have your coverage begin right away then it's important to know those dates.

    So if you want your coverage to start on your 65th birthday then you will need to begin the application process before that date to ensure a smooth transition over to Medicare. Individuals can begin the application process three months before the month they turn 65, so I would suggest giving yourself plenty of time to get the necessary paperwork in on time.

    If you don't get everything in by your birthday then you have your birthday month and three months after your 65th birthday to enroll in coverage. If you miss all of those then you will have to wait for the special enrollment period that runs from January 1–March 31 of each year.

    Has anyone gone through the sign-up process and have some words of advice for anyone else who is in the process of signing up for Medicare? Were there any surprises that you weren't aware of before you were able to begin your coverage or was it a pretty straight forward application process?