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2nd Democratic Presidential Debate Discussion

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    The lineup for the 2nd Democratic Presidential Primary Debate is set. The field remains quite crowded with 20 candidates. Really the only change from the first debate to the second is Eric Swalwell has dropped out of the race and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock qualified and will take his place.

    It will still be a 2-parter, with the first happening on July 30th on CNN and will include:

    Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, Bullock, Delaney, Hickenlooper, Williamson and Ryan.

    The second part is the next night on July 31st, also on CNN, and it includes all the other candidates:

    Biden, Harris, Booker, Yang, Gabbard, Bennet, de Blasio, Castro, Gillibrand and Inslee.

    At first glance, I think a majority of the fireworks and headlines will come from the 2nd night. If the assumption is another iteration of Kamala v Biden. And it will be interesting to see if Yang can redeem himself.

    But this debate is a make or break for all but five candidates, as to qualify for the 3rd debate the thresholds double. And only Biden, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg and Sanders currently meet those qualifications.

    That said, the first night does have some interesting story lines. Bullock is the newcomer and we will see if Bernie or Warren can differentiate themselves from each other further. Same goes for Buttigieg. Wonder if he can build his recent fundraising momentum.

    This forum is to discuss what you expect from the 2nd debate and how you think all the candidates did once the debate is over.

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    I think Biden's stiffest competition will be Harris, and Gabbard being the wild card. I also think this will be Yang's last hurrah unless he does anything but a stellar job of it.