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How to Sign Up For Social Security Spousal Benefits

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    If you are at least 62 years old and your spouse is receiving Social Security benefits then you may be eligible to receive spouse’s retirement benefits even if you've never worked for a job that collects Social Security taxes. How much you receive will be dependent on a variety of factors, but the first thing to do would be to check if you are eligible to receive spousal benefits.

    In order to do that, you'll need to fill out the Social Security Retirement/Medicare Benefit Application online. There is a section in the application for spouses and if you (or your spouse) qualifies then your application will automatically serve as a request for spousal benefits. If you would rather apply for spousal benefits over the phone then you can call toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 or at TTY 1-800-325-0778 if you are deaf or hard of hearing. If neither of those options suit you then you can schedule an appointment at your local Social Security office.

    If you qualify, the amount you receive each month will depend on a variety of factors. For starters, your benefits as a spouse will not include any delayed retirement benefits your spouse receives if they put off drawing from their benefits until they were older.

    Another factor that will determine how much you receive each month is whether you begin drawing your benefits between age 62 and your full retirement age or if you wait until your spouse reaches their full retirement age to begin collecting. Note that your benefit will also be reduced or eliminated in its entirety if you as a spouse are receiving a pension for work not covered by Social Security.

    The first step is to begin the application process. Then consider sharing with us how the application process went for you or your spouse.

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    Good info. I'll contribute by providing the link to your local Social Security office:

    Social Security Office Locator

    Online is the easiest way to apply but sometimes it helps to talk to someone in person. All you have to do from that link is provide your zip code and it'll show you all the offices in your area, with phone numbers and addresses.

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    भोली बिहीबार सार्वजनिक बिदा ...........
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    प्रदेश २ सरकारले बिहीबार (भोलि) पनि सार्वजनिक बिदा दिने भएको छ । बिहीबार हिन्दुधर्मालम्बीहरूको पर्व रक्षाबन्धन परेकाले प्रदेश २ सरकारले सार्वजनिक छुट्टी दिने निर्णय गरेको हो ।

    प्रदेश २ सरकारका मुख्यमन्त्री लालबाबु राउतले प्रदेश २ सरकारले सार्वजनिक बिदा दिने निर्णय गरेकाले हर्षाेल्लासका साथ रक्षाबन्धन मनाउन सबैसँग अनुरोध गरेका छन् ।

    संघीय सरकारले पर्वलगायतको बिदा कटौती गरेपछि प्रदेश सरकारहरूले बिदा दिँदै आएका छन् । यसअघि बकर इदको अवसरमा प्रदेश २ सँगै प्रदेश ५ ले सार्वजनिक बिदा दिएका थिए ।

    प्रदेश २ ले रक्षाबन्धनको अवसरमा बिदा दिने निर्णय गरे पनि अन्य प्रदेशले भने अहिलेसम्म यसबारे कुनै निर्णय गरिसकेका छैनन् ।