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Could Luxury Cruise Ships Be the Next Retirement Homes?

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    Yeah, you read that correctly. There seems to be a growing trend of seniors skipping retirement homes, and instead opting to live out the rest of their lives on luxury cruise liners. Just the thought at least makes retirement not so bleak, in my opinion. The exact amount of seniors retiring on ships is hard to figure out, but I would say enough to warrant inquiry from the media. A little excerpt from an article about:

    "It's estimated that cruise ships had 25.3 million passengers in 2017 and about half were between the ages of 50 and 74. A survey from 2018 found that baby boomers and seniors were the most active cruise ship travelers. However, the cruise ship industry doesn't track those who live on board full-time vs. occasional travelers."

    There's enough of a conversation about this trend that even the cruise lines are responding to it. Oceania created a package for seniors which lets them live for 58 or 72 days, that way they can avoid the cold. It's called the "Snowbirds in Residence" for that reason. Some ships have created permanent residency cabins for retirees. The ship called "The World" has 165 of those rooms, another one called the "Utopia" will offer 190 such cabins.

    I think this is a really neat idea. I would even consider it if I ever reach the point of retirement. The benefits of not having to pay for a mortgage, utilities etc could make this a more affordable venture, possibly. What does everyone else think?

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    Honestly, I'm surprised it's not already a "thing" for the more well off. The idea of permanently traveling sounds like a dream to me!
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    Tell me about it. I can see this becoming a common thing in the near future.