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Can Everyone Request an Extension to File Income Taxes?

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    I recently had a conversation with someone who said that taxpayers can request to file their taxes up to six months late. I've never heard about this before and always assumed I had to file my taxes by April 15th, but it seems to be legit. The question that he couldn't answer was whether this extension was guaranteed or if the IRS can pick and choose who can receive the extension.

    Does anyone else know whether this extension is guaranteed for everyone or if it is available only for certain individuals?
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    It seems like everyone can apply, but the IRS website where you fill out an application for an extension doesn't state anywhere that it is guaranteed. Click on the link below to go to the application page.

    Extension of Time To File Your Tax Return
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    That's true. Also keep in mind that even though you can get a 6 month extension to file, if you are going to owe, the IRS still expects you to make your necessary payment on time regardless. So an extension can be helpful to avoid late filing penalties, but it doesn't give you a 6 month extension to pay your bill if you will owe. I had to learn that one that the hard way..