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Question about Lone Star Card and Disability

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    I've done a number of searches but can't find an answer. We've been getting the LS card for three months. I'm permanently disabled & unable to work; my husband recently found a part-time job (all he could find after a year of searching - we live in an area rather sparse of jobs) and currently only works around 20 hrs/wk. Will we still be allowed to receive FS? I keep trying to call H&HS, but can't get through the bloody phone tree. Thanks.

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    I think I'm a little confused by your question, but would like to help if I can.. Are you worried about them reviewing your case now, and discontinuing your benefits because your situation has changed?

    Sounds to me like you got approved fairly recently. Did your husband find work after you got approved, and you worried about them taking the benefits away because he is now employed?

    Also, has your disabled status changed since getting benefits?