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    In 2014-2015 I lived in Arkansas and in 2015 I was laid off and moved to another state for a job. The issue I have is when I moved I lost my W-2 and when I called my old employer to get another copy I found out they had gone out of business, so I contacted the IRS and was able to get federal information but not state so all I have been able to do is file my fed taxes. I have called the AR dept of revenue, SSA, AR tax board and none of them have any information on myself when they inter my SSN. Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to get the information I need to file state for 2015?
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    That is a tough one. So what information exactly is missing from the w2 details the IRS was able to give you about your federal return for 2015 that you need to complete your state filing?

    Said another way, what part of the form for AR state filing can you not complete because of lack of info?