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food stamp spending

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    i now live in md but when i lived in nj i was getting food stamps fs, at the time i was traveling monthly to md to take my mom shopping and drs , iwas also doing my own shopping. this was going on for about a year , iwas investigated proved i live and legal res. was nj at the time, but nj fs office said i had to repay all monies, was not given fair hearing was told would not do anygood. they took my tax refund except last year . they sent me a bill saying to pay $25.00 a month, i should not have to as i done nothing illegal, rep says i should had applied in md since was going there a lot, told her that be fraud as my legal res. at time was nj upon search you can spend your fs anywhere they are excepted. how do i stop this and get my money back. fs stamp office is in Gloucester county nj,