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Purchase Health Insurance Before 2/15 Unless You Qualify For One of These Exemptions

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    You still have one week to sign up for health insurance before open enrollment season ends. This will be the last time you will be able to sign up for insurance, barring a qualifying exemption, until October 15th, 2016. You may qualify for an exemption if:

    You are uninsured for only 1 or 2 consecutive months of the year
    You enrolled in a health plan that started no later than May 1, 2015, but were uninsured any number of months before that in 2015

    The lowest-priced coverage available to you, through either an individual or job-based plan, would cost more than 8% of your household income
    You don’t have to file a tax return because your income is below the level that requires you to (Learn about the filing limit (PDF))
    You’re a member of a federally recognized tribe or eligible for services through an Indian Health Services provider
    You’re a member of a recognized health care sharing ministry
    You’re a member of a recognized religious sect with religious objections to insurance, including Social Security and Medicare
    You’re incarcerated (serving a term in prison or jail), and not being held pending disposition of charges
    You’re not lawfully present in the U.S.
    You’re a U.S. citizen living abroad, or one of certain types of non-citizens
    You qualify for a hardship exemption.

    The four exemptions highlighted in bold lettering are the most common exemptions, but not the only ones. It is also important to inquire if you or your family qualifies for Medicaid if you feel you can not afford health insurance. Many states have expanded Medicaid, so please make sure you inquire about your Medicaid eligibility before deciding to forego health coverage.
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    Good info. I am wondering: what's the penalty for NOT signing up if you don't qualify for an exception? Do you know off hand?