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Donald Trump's First Address to a Joint Session of Congress

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    President Trump is delivering his first address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, the first of his Presidency.

    Mr. Trump's speech gives him an opportunity to lay his agenda out to the American people and to try to reset his agenda after a tumultuous first month in office. It will be interesting to see if he approaches the speech like his predecessors have or if he will continue using his brash style that propelled him to the Presidency.

    One thing that I'll be paying attention to is how the Republican members in the audience react to what he says. We already know that the Democrats will sit on their hands for most of the night, but I'm interested to see how Republicans will react if he proposes something that may come across as over the line.

    Is anyone planning on watching President Trump's speech tonight? If so, what are you hoping to hear?

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    Here's a truncated version of the address, via PBS. For those of us that aren't wanting to sit through 45 minutes of clapping.