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The Spectrum of U.S. Education: From Homeschooling to Boarding School

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    Roughly 2.5-3.5% of students in the U.S. between the ages of 5-17 are home schooled. That equates to somewhere in the ballpark of 1.5 million kids, give or take, depending on which stat page you read.

    Question I have is between home schooled kids, charter schools, private schools, public schools, special prep schools, boarding schools, and other kinds that I'm probably little aware of.. is this the best method or approach to education that the country as a whole should be taking?

    It's clearly very fragmented. And the experience a child gets varies as wildly as you could possibly imagine, from one to another. On one end of the spectrum, a child could be home schooled, and have theoretically and very likely almost zero contact socially with the outside world, or other children of their own age. That's the big downfall of homeschooling right? That you miss out on the opportunity to build social skills, during key development stages into adulthood..

    On the other hand, would be boarding schools, I guess? Where the child gets all the interaction with other children they could possibly ask for (and some rightly hate, as they are isolated from their family for months at a time).

    And the other types of schools fall somewhere in that spectrum, for social development. That's one aspect of education. But then what about the curriculum? Aside from some uniform basics taught generally across platforms, the education you get from homeschooling could be so drastically different from say a charter school, and the same for a private school, that from an outsider's perspective, those kids might as well have been educated in entirely different countries! It very often is that different.

    SO is this really the best approach to educating future generations to inherent the US at large?

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    It's both good and bad, in my opinion. The public school systems are a gamble of district and neighborhood. The other types of schooling is just as much of one, I think. When comes to charter schools, you have your fly-by-night, pop up schools with low budgets, and poor building conditions. It all depends on how much the parents pump into the schools. Private schools seem to be the best way to go in order to obtain a decent education these days. They are able to hire better teachers... etc... etc. I hear boarding school is very similar, in that respect. I think home school is just flat out wrong. The kids hardly get a chance to obtain the social skills that one gets in other schools.