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Trump's plan to drop the Corporate Tax rate to 15%

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    The corporate tax rate for doing business in the U.S. is one of the highest in the world, at 35%. Of course with exemptions, write-offs and a bunch of other exemptions, companies don't usually end up paying that full rate. But still, what they do end up paying is more than most every other industrialized country, if and when they actually conduct business fully in the U.S.

    Question I have is: Will Trump's proposed plan to drop the rate from 35% to 15% for corporate taxes be a good thing overall for the U.S., and the world? I have researched this pretty extensively, but get confused quickly. So many moving parts, and varying opinions. Dropping the rate will help many large and even medium sized businesses maneuver within the confines of the United States much more freely. In theory, it seems they will have more money/capital, and for certain kinds of companies, that can mean lower prices, or reinvestments into infrastructure/research/development/etc. But the drop will also change the international/global marketplace. And I can't tell if the change would be wholly for the good or not.

    How do you see this playing out, on a local and global scale, if Trump does in fact drop the rate to 15%? Maybe someone with more working knowledge of this subject can enlighten me..