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Veterans benefits for seniors is expected to take a hit in 2017

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    It looks like U.S Veterans may be getting another kick in the pants. This small, but telling article, states that the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension program, is saying that benefits will be more difficult to qualify for. The pension is to provide financial support for low income veterans and their families.

    The new standard: the veteran and spouse must posses $80,000 in assets, excluding home and vehicle. They also must have been discharged honorably and served 90 consecutive days, at least one of those days during an approved period of war.

    This will certainly make it harder, and like the article says, it will affect veterans who are already eligible for pension, possibly disqualifying those who were previously entitled.

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    I can only hope that the next Congress will find a way to fix this.

    Why is there a minimum requirement for assets in the first place? Our veterans are not financial planners. They were soldiers who served our country.

    I understand having to serve a minimum number of years in the service in order to receive a pension, but that's about it.

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    I can't agree more with you. There should be no question when it comes to supporting our vets, plain and simple. Not to mention, there shouldn't be so much red tape for them to have to go through in order for them to receive their benefits.
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    You have quoted the article incorrectly. It says $80,000 OR LESS in assets.