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Executive Power and What an Election Can Show Us

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    Either way you look at the election, no one is getting what they want here. There are many similarities when it comes to campaign tactics, especially when an opposing candidate addresses the track record of the current/former president. Of course, it's easy for them to ping the Prez for all of their faults, and how "Ineffectual" they may have been the whole time. But I think this election's outcome will be interesting.

    When it comes to this topic, I don't think it matters if Clinton or Trump gets it. I'm not focusing on who's the right candidate here. It's an experiment. For example, both candidates are very strong-willed individuals, and they are determined to push legislation in many directions. There has been so much hoopla about how extreme both candidates are in politics and personality, that it would be surprising if they were just as "ineffectual" as their predecessors. Many people believe in the school of thought that the president has become nothing but a figure head, and congress and corporations run the show. Well, I don't think we have a better two people to test that theory. Actually, I have a feeling that we will see this in the next term, a president who is somewhat muffled, and a mere shadow of what they were during their election. Thoughts?

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    All depends on the House and Senate majority, right? If the president has the majority in one, what they want to accomplish can actually happen. If they have both and do nothing, they are the definition of a lame duck. But if they have neither, I expect a solid standstill, if not a regression.

    So.. for the first 2 years at least, if Hillary wins, I don't expect her to accomplish much. If Trump wins, look out. He can accomplish much, including dismantling a lot of what Obama put in action, like Obamacare.