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Donald Trump is a Dangerous Candidate And Shouldn't Be President

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    Donald Trump has put many Republicans in a very uncomfortable situation this election and is very likely to do irreparable harm to the Republican Party for the next generation or two should he lose this election.

    The Republican nominee has latched on to the fears and legitimate economic concerns of millions of Americans and has fanned the flames with xenophobic and sexist rhetoric instead of offering realistic policy proposals that could actually help those who have been negatively affected by the changing economy and technological revolution.

    Did you lose your job? Blame the immigrants! Did a woman get a promotion over you? Blame those anti-discrimination laws! Did your coal mine close down? Blame the environmentalists! Did your small town get hit hard by the great recession? Blame...someone!

    This is a very dangerous path to take and one that most common sense Republicans are loathe to take, but Donald Trump is not a common sense Republican. In fact, I offer that he's not a Republican at all. Donald Trump is a demagogue that only cares about Donald Trump and his supporters will be 10 times as angry should he win and leave them to fend for themselves.

    Think about this for a second. Donald Trump - a person who inherited his billions and has spent his entire life employing undocumented immigrants and screwing over anyone he does business with - is the "candidate of the common man." How is that? How was he able to hijack a major political party and convince millions of Americans that he alone can fix all of their problems? I hate to break it to any Trump supporter, but he can't and he won't.

    And if none of this convinces you to not vote for Trump then consider this: one person and one person alone has the ability to launch nuclear weapons in this country. Would you trust someone who can not take even the most minor criticism thrown his way with the fate of human kind?

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    I come from a family of straight ticket Republicans (with me being the exception) and this year seems to have really shook many of my family members to their core. My parents and brother lean more on the economically conservative side and not on the "burn everything down" side of the Republican Party.

    My mom told me that she is crossing the aisle to vote for Hillary, but my dad and brother have kept quiet about how they plan to vote. I have a feeling there are a lot of conservative/Republican families out there that are struggling with the same issue this year.

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    I struggle to fully understand just all the powers the President does and does not have. And some of those rules seem to be changing in my lifetime, with regards to war specifically. Given that and the nuclear option, I have to agree with you that Trump is a dangerous person to give those powers to. It's dubious to think that the president has enormous powers to greatly improve the economy single handily, or to change to much with the way the world operates, without the backing and support of the other branches of govt. But with war, oh yeah. The president can definitely change the world that way. And while I don't support a lot of Hilary's decisions and resume on conflicts and what she will chose in the future as president, I would rather her with that responsibility 10 fold over Donald Trump. I imagine Clinton will run the country much like Obama did. Trump.. he is truly a wild card that I don't care to see play out, at least with that awesome power.