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Top Senate Elections to Watch in 2016

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    There are 34 Senate seats up for grabs this election, but only a handful of them are considered to be up for grabs. The rest of them are either held by a candidate who is overwhelmingly predicted to win or are in a state where one party (ie California) is overwhelmingly Democratic or Republican.

    The Senate races that will determine who controls the upper chamber are in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nevada, and Indiana. All of these races, outside of Indiana, are considered swing states in a Presidential election. That is important because many voters tend to vote "straight ticket" when they head to the polls.

    I'm interested to see what anyone who lives in any of these states has to say about their preferred candidate or whether or not they plan on voting on a strict party line or if they intend to split their votes up.

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    Same here. I tend to think that a majority of people vote straight down party lines, simply because of lack of name recognition/lack of knowing the actual candidates on the ballot. I also don't blame voters for doing this. It is hard to be fully informed on every race in your state, especially when there is so much heated back and forth singularly focused on the POTUS race.

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    Dead heat right now. 42/42. Looking like NC will go red. I imagine New Hampshire will do the same.. any chance the majority goes blue by the end of the night?