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Hilary Clinton Needs to Stop Smiling During Debate

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    This has been bothering me quite a bit. Hilary starts almost every single response to Trump with a smile and a small laugh. It would be acceptable if she were only doing it with silly responses from Trump, but she's not. The more she smiles and laughs at every question and/or response, the harder it is to take her serious.

    I understand why she is doing it. She is trying to make it seems like everything Trump says is ridiculous, but it's not. Whether I like Trump or not, he has advisers that coach him on what to say. Not everything he says is as dumb as she is trying to play it off as.

    Lay off a bit, Hilary. I feel like it is only hurting yourself at this point.

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    The smiling is borderline robotic at times. It's like she is fighting her instincts to scream, and instead just repeats the mantra in her head: just keep smiling, just laugh it off... and repeat.