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The Trump tape's impact on the 2nd debate

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    Mel Robbins of CNN held no punches in her editorial on Donald Trump and the leak of his tape (that I'm sure you all know about at this point.) I will warn you ahead of time if you aren't aware of this story, both this article and what Trump said in the 10-year-old video that just surfaced contain adult content. Okay. Now that disclaimers are out of the way.. She titles her piece: The Trump tape doesn't matter.

    I have to agree with her. And speaking from a women's point of view, I think she speaks for a great % of women in the U.S. I wonder if it's the vast majority though?

    Also, the timing of the release of this video is clearly planned, as to coincide with the 2nd presidential debate. Clearly Mrs. Clinton wants to bring up and hammer home Trump's terrible record of speaking lewdly and rudely about women. So, how do you think this video will affect the 2nd debate?

    I think we will see Trump and Clinton spend a considerable amount of time talking about women in the United States, how they are treated, both in the workplace, and what rule the government has in reproductive rights, etc.

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    I think this will be brought up several times. But I don't think Trump will give any kind of straight answer. He will try to dodge the hell out of explaining his words on the tape. Either that, or say it wasn't him at all. I wish I could say the latter was a stretch, but it's not.

    Also, it seems as though Trump can say and do what ever he wants. He can be rude, hateful, racist, ignorant, etc. But all of his supporters just overlook it. I can't fathom how. But they do...