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The VP Debates are just as important - perhaps, more important.

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    Next up in a our happy little debate schedule is the Vice Presidential Debates. I know, yawn, but it occurred to me that they could be very important, if not, detrimental to the future of our country. It's sad to say that many Americans cannot even name the VP candidates for this election. An article from ABC News, pointed out that more than 40% of Americans cannot name the VP candidates. When you put that into the context for what I'm about to deliver, it's a tad concerning.

    Why are they so important then? Think about it. In this one-off debate, what we are able to take away from it, is a glimpse at the political, and possibly, the executive future of our country. Either one of these candidates could possibly be manning the helm in the Oval Office in the future. And, that isn't an unlikely scenario when you think about it.

    Take a minute and think of how many Presidents you can name off of the top of your head that held the office of Vice President prior to becoming President themselves. EEEH, times up! There have been 14 VPs who have become president. Nine have become president either due to the death or resignation of a president. Not to mention, think of how many former VPs ran for president in later elections.

    The Past 5 VPs who became the "PREZ":

    1. Harry Truman - VP for FDR

    2. Richard Nixon - VP for Eisenhower

    3. Lyndon B. Johnson - VP for Kennedy

    4. Gerald Ford - VP for Nixon

    5. George H.W. Bush - VP for Reagan

    This article brings up a good point, Donald Trump is 70, and if elected, will be the oldest president ever elected to office, and Hillary Clinton is 69, which would make her the second oldest, behind Reagan. When either is elected, there is a decent chance that it will only be for one term. I'm not going to play the "death in office" card, even though, anything is possible these days. So what we are looking at here, when it comes to the VP debates, is a glimpse into our political future, and possibly, the future of the executive office. One might want to pay a bit more attention to the "Veep" elections going forward.

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    Valid point bringing up their ages. Add to that Clinton's health, and Trump likeliest to get impeached within 4 years.. oh yeah. We could be seeing Pence or Kaine as president at some point. Certainly not that hard to picture. This debate doesn't interest me in the least on the face of it. But I feel compelled to watch, just so I know more about these guys; I currently don't know much.