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To Me, Hilary Clinton Wins First Presidential Debate

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    Donald Trump came out pretty strong in the first 30 minutes or so of the debate. Though as it progressed, Clinton started dangling bait left and right. And it was very obvious that Trump was biting. She was able to get him right were she wanted him. Arguing with himself.

    Aside from that, Clinton was on defense for the majority of time. That's never good. She handled herself well, though. Unlike Trump, who started to let the debate get the better of him. Though, It did seem like he prepared at least a little bit for this one.

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    I don't think it was even close.

    I've long thought that Trump's brand of debating during the Republican primary won't hold up in a general election debate and that proved correct. He seemed unwilling or unable to stay on topic and couldn't answer the most simple or direct questions posed by the moderator.

    It was obvious from the very beginning which candidate was more prepared for this debate and Trump will need to seriously consider changing the way he gets ready for debates if he doesn't want to get swept under the rug in the next two debates.